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2014/10/31 - Announcement on Miss & Mr Fashion Show

Announcement on Miss & Mr Fashion Show: After numerous reports in which is reported the involvement of Fibre II, of Les Artistes and myself, with the present release announcing that Mr Dulay Casimero, the Five Star and the beauty contest Miss & Mr Fashion Show are totally unrelated from Fibre II, from Les Artistes, from myself and from Museo Vespa Bici & Baci.
The Mr Dulay Casimero was removed from Fibre during last summer. At Mr Dulay Casimero had been prohibited using the name of other people as guests in her event. In addition, the Museo Vespa Bici & Baci has not knowledge of the event Miss & Mr Fashion Show organized by Mr. Dulay Casimero and therefore it could not cancel a tour ever organized.
Les Artistes is firmly opposed to art contests and beauty contests where competitors are asked for money to young people and their families.
In order to protect the image, the name and the work done in a healthy way by all the people who participated in Fibre, in the initiatives of Les Artistes and in the cultural initiatives of the Museo Vespa Bici & Baci Vespa, I reserve the right to ask appropriate inquiries with the relevant authorities.

Michele Piacentini